Brandon Bedwell's Profile

Coldwell Banker Commercial Danforth

It was during his tenure in Orange County as a series licensed securities representative, that Brandon Bedwell initially found his affection for real property. Today, Brandon is well versed in the acquisition, improvement & sale of multiple property types in the commercial real estate industry. He is also skilled in the management of Real Estate Investment Funds. Brandon understands that every parcel, project, and client is unique and therefore handles each transaction with individualized respect and care. Brandon believes strongly in the importance of clarity throughout the transaction process. As a CRE professional, he maintains close communication with his clients and realizes it is his responsibility to provide timely responses, so his clients remain "in-the-know" at all times. Regardless of whether the market is up or down, or whether the project is ahead of schedule or delayed, client communication is the most valuable factor in creating a healthy relationship between the client and advisor - it is here where Brandon's accountability and integrity shine. From start to finish, Brandon defines each deal and its success by providing in-depth market knowledge and by putting substantial time and effort into the due diligence process. This allows him to collect crucial data while simultaneously constructing the strategic moves that will create the greatest profits and help mitigate losses. Regardless of whom the client may be or how the client requires his attention from inception to closing, Brandon works towards the same goal of achieving outstanding results. It can be challenging at times to wear multiple hats; however, Brandon wears them well and with integrity so that all parties involved are successful. Brandon's motto is: Know your client. Know your product, know your market, and know the strategy to a mutually beneficial closure of each transaction.

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